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Moisturizer With Sunscreen

1 May


May is national skin cancer awareness month so it is totally appropriate that I tell you about my new favorite moisturizer!  I had been looking for a moisturizer for the day time with a high SPF count (due to my very fair skin) that didn’t have that sunscreen smell, when I found Neutrogena Healthy Defense Moisturizer with SPF 50 ($12   The Healthy Defense line does have varying degrees of SPF from 15-50, but I need the highest possible.  I also chose the Sensitive Skin formula because sometimes sunscreen causes my face to breakout.  I started using this last week and you just need a small amount.  Don’t get scared because when you first put it on you may get that “white face” look that sunscreen can cause, but keep rubbing gently in the skin and it will absorb.  The best part is that it leaves a matte texture so you can apply your makeup right over it!  I wore it for over 8 hours and my makeup did not get oily and I did not break out!  I was so happy that I found a fragrance free SPF moisturizer that actually works well as a beauty product!  The sunscreen in this product is 100% natural which makes it gentle and not heavy on your skin.  Everyone needs to use an SPF on their face because it helps with anti-aging.  The UVA/UVB rays are damaging to all skin types.  Please give this a try and add to your routine to help fight the suns harmful rays!

It’s Here! In Style Magazine’s Best Beauty Buys For 2012

19 Apr

The May Issue of In Style Magazine ($4 is out and it features one of my favorite spreads… BEST BEAUTY BUYS OF 2012!  I was so happy when I read through the list because a lot of the products I have recommended to you guys already!  I was so happy to see that they agree with me! LOL!  There are also products on their that I use and just haven’t had time to write to you about, so I need to get to those ones ASAP.  There are also a lot of products that I haven’t tried but this article has “sparked” my interest and you know I am always up for product testing!  If you don’t have a copy pick one up at any supermarket or drug store.  Eventually the Beauty Buys will also be on the In Style website so you can view them there too!  Hope you enjoy!

Tweeze With The Very Best

24 Jan

When you tweeze your brows you must use Tweezerman ($20-$25 tweezers.  These are slanted tweezers that can get every single hair out from your brow in no time, with zero pain!  They are so strong that you won’t spend time pulling and tugging at your hair.  The stainless steel is the basic color,  but they come in a lot of fun colors and fun prints.  You can even buy a pair covered in Swarovski Crystals, if you are willing to pay $100.  These are a MUST HAVE to add to your beauty arsenal!  They won’t make your eyebrows red after use and they are great for “touch-ups” in between waxes.  If you already have the slanted Tweezerman’s, try the pointed version, they are great for precision tweezing!  Throw out your old ones and invest in these, it will be one of the best things you have ever done!

Brush It On

10 Jan

I have been collecting make-up brushes from all different brands and I have my favorites from each.  However…the more I use my Trish McEvoy brushes the more and more I think they are the best.  I bought one of the Trish McEvoy holiday brush sets last Christmas because I “needed” several new brushes and they seem to be the best.  Even when I have looked at other cosmetic counters they always say “Trish has the BEST brushes!”  Her brushes are made of 100% natural hair which makes them really soft and for smooth application of foundation, powders, or eyeshadow.  Her eyeshadow brushes are amazing, I really like the Tapered Blending Brush ($32 also know as the “Pony” brush, it gets the crease perfect!  A good way to start a nice set of brushes is to either collect them one at a time starting with the basics or start off with a basic set such as, The Essential Brush Collection ($145, this is 5 of the basic brushes from her collection which will get you started on your own collection.  If you really want to go for it you can get The Power of Tools Brush Collection ($245, which is 10 of the best brushes from the line and will really complete your brush collection.  The sets are a great value because if you buy the brushes on an individual basis they can run between $30-$50 each.  A good set of brushes will last you for many years as long as you wash them and take care of them properly.  Since you wear make-up pretty much everyday, a nice brush set is a good investment to make the process easier not to mention make it look better.  You should try a brush from the line or go have your make-up done by one of their artists so you can see how well they work.  I promise you will want to use these brushes everyday!

Drink Your H20!

4 Jan

I absolutely hate water.  I don’t know why but I have hated drinking water my whole life.  I am trying to get better about it and I must say it has become easier as I am getting older.  I am always reading how one of the best ways to great skin and great health is drinking enough water everyday.  I don’t think it really matters if you drink it out of a fancy water bottle or straight from the kitchen sink, really it just matters if you drink it!  I try to drink at least 48-64oz. It is hard and some days are better than others.  To make it easier on myself I have a water bottle that is 33oz so I know that once I drink two, I have reached my goal.  Drinking only two bottles seems like a lot less than drinking a bunch of smaller glasses…it is all psychological.  Anyways, no matter how your drink it, make sure you stay hydrated so that your skin and health are at their best!  CHEERS!

Tone It Up!

26 Dec


I have always been on the fence about toner…I mean really, what is it for anyway?  Recently when I was having some blemishes one of my “Beauty Guru’s” recommended trying a gentle toner.  She said it would “help to cleanse and calm the skin before I put on my moisturizer.”  I was a little skeptical but I decided to give it a try.  The toner she recommended was Clarins Toning Lotion For Normal or Dry Skin ($20-$30  It has chamomile in it which helps to calm the skin but it does not have strong odor or plant smell.  I use it in the morning and it has really refreshes my skin.  It does not make  my skin tight or dry it out like other toners, it is refreshing and feels like you are putting something that is healing on the skin.  If you are not using a toner but need to complete your cleansing program, try this gentle toner from Clarins.   They also have an option for Combination or Oily Skin.  The bottle us HUGE!  You get 70z.-14oz. depending on the size you buy.  I really am enjoying this refreshing toner as part of my morning routine and if you haven’t tried a toner get a sample of this and give it a try!

Daily Dose of Vitamins

23 Dec


I have been taking vitamins for my hair for past 10 years.  For the past five years I have been taking  Schiff Hair,Skin & Nail Vitamins and these are by far the best.  I experimented with all different kinds of hair vitamins.  I used all the different expensive ones that you buy at the department store and tons of different brands from the drugstore.  I saw the Schiff vitamins in my local drugstore  about 5 years ago and have been using them ever since!  It takes about 1 month to see any results from any vitamin or supplement.  My hair and nails began to grow like weeds!  I had  a really short bob hairstyle at the time and I was constantantly having to get it trimmed.  Then last year I decided to grow my hair out and it is already down my back!  My hair  grows so fast that  my hair colorist has even started taking hair vitamins!  Along with your hair looking healthier, you will also notice that your nails  begin to grow faster  and  are stronger.  I was a nail biter for many years and had really weak, thin nails…now they are strong and they are a great length and I have stopped biting!  I can’t tell you how great the  results are from these vitamins, you really need to try them for yourself.  I take one to two pills every night before bedtime.  I prefer to take vitamins at night so that they are easier on my stomach.  You will begin to  notice results after a month and with continued use things will only get better!  You can go onto the Schiff website and search for a store that sells these vitamins near  you! ($17


The Perfect Curl

21 Dec


I can’t tell you how important it is to add the Shu Uemura Eyelash curler to your beauty tools!  I am sure you have seen it in tons of beauty magazines as the “Top  Rated” eyelash curler but let me tell you…all the hype is true!  This eyelash curler will change your life!  Before I had the Shu Uemura I had a cheap curler from the drugstore that pulled and tugged on my eyelashes and hurt at times.  My sister decided to try the Shu Uemura after we kept seeing  it in every beauty magazine we read and once she did she told me, “You have to buy this immediately!”  I have been using this eyelash curler ever since and that was about 6 years ago!  When you buy the eyelash curler, you must take care of it.  That means you need to wash the curler and the silicone pad.  Once you use the second replacement pad it is time to buy an entire new curler.  I know it seems like a pain but just like everything else eyelash curlers wear out and need to be replaced.  The curler is gentle on your eyelashes, it will not pull them out and it will give you the perfect curl every time!  The curl that you are given helps tremendously when you are applying makeup.  It helps give you a clear defined lash line so applying eyeliner is a ‘piece of cake!’  If you currently look at your eyelash curler as a “torture device”, please switch to the Shu Uemura, it will make your morning beauty routine one step easier, the curl is so perfect you can even skip mascara if you are in a hurry!  Currently the curler is only available online ($19

Beauty Bar

20 Dec

I have been using the Dove Beauty Bar as my body wash for 10 years!  It was actually recommended to me by my gynecologist when I was in high school!  She advised that you should never use scented body washes or body oils because they can lead to bacterial vaginal infections as well as yeast infections.  I am a little bit of a “germ freak” so I immediately when out and bought the Dove Unscented Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar ($5-$11) and have been using it ever since!  I like to feel really clean after I get out of the shower which is why I like using this so much.  It doesn’t leave a scent so when you use your favorite perfume or lotion, that is all you can smell.  You shouldn’t spend a fortune on body wash either, because you are only using it to clean your skin and then rinsing it down the drain.  The great thing about Dove is they have a lot of different beauty bar options to choose from that will fit your skin type.  They even sell it in body wash form if you do not want to use the beauty bar.  Each beauty bar also has ‘Moisturizing Cream’ which makes your skin feel really soft.   Also, it is great for travel and if you forget it in the hotel room, you won’t be mad at yourself for leaving your “expensive” body wash behind.  Check out all the different beauty bars on the Dove website at


Less is More

16 Dec



I always hate it when people say “less is more”…why? I can’t really tell  you, but I do.  I love beauty products, but recently I was using sooo many different ones and I was loving so many different ones that I was using everything all at once!  You can only imagine what happened…my skin FREAKED OUT!  After consulting with my Beauty Guru’s I took their advice and went back to these simple steps:

  1. Washing with a gentle cleanser AM/PM (Using the Clarisonic at Night)
  2. Moisturizing both AM/PM with a moisturizer that does  not have any Acne fighting products or retinol etc…
  3. Exfoliating Once a week using a gentle face scrub

I have very sensitive skin and sometimes I get excited about products and want to use them all which in turn counter acts the whole point of them.  If you are having breakouts and you never had breakouts before, try simplifying your routine and/or eliminating products one at a time from your routine for at least 5 days to see what is the causing these breakouts.  Remember also to monitor your high hormonal times to make sure that they are not the culprit either.  Here is a list of good products that are gentle and way to get back to balancing your skin and/or starting a basic skin care regimen:

  1.   Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser ($7-$12
  2.  Kate Somerville Nourish Daily Moisturizer ($65-$120
  3. ExfoliKate Gentle or Intensive Exfoliating Treatment ($65

These items will get you back to the basics.  When you are shopping, make sure to look for words such as “gentle”, “hypoallergenic”, or “daily” these usually mean the product is for frequent use and won’t over dry or irritate your skin.  Then you can start re-introducing or introducing new serums, treatments, or masks gradually so that you can still have fun with your beauty products!  Trust me on this “less is more” when it comes to skin care, I had to learn the hard way.