Daily Dose of Vitamins

23 Dec


I have been taking vitamins for my hair for past 10 years.  For the past five years I have been taking  Schiff Hair,Skin & Nail Vitamins and these are by far the best.  I experimented with all different kinds of hair vitamins.  I used all the different expensive ones that you buy at the department store and tons of different brands from the drugstore.  I saw the Schiff vitamins in my local drugstore  about 5 years ago and have been using them ever since!  It takes about 1 month to see any results from any vitamin or supplement.  My hair and nails began to grow like weeds!  I had  a really short bob hairstyle at the time and I was constantantly having to get it trimmed.  Then last year I decided to grow my hair out and it is already down my back!  My hair  grows so fast that  my hair colorist has even started taking hair vitamins!  Along with your hair looking healthier, you will also notice that your nails  begin to grow faster  and  are stronger.  I was a nail biter for many years and had really weak, thin nails…now they are strong and they are a great length and I have stopped biting!  I can’t tell you how great the  results are from these vitamins, you really need to try them for yourself.  I take one to two pills every night before bedtime.  I prefer to take vitamins at night so that they are easier on my stomach.  You will begin to  notice results after a month and with continued use things will only get better!  You can go onto the Schiff website and search for a store that sells these vitamins near  you! ($17 www.schiffvitamins.com)


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