Where To Shop

The Best Places To Buy Beauty Products


The best department store I have found to buy beauty products in is Nordstrom.  They will provide you with samples of any product you wish including perfume.  The will accept returns on any product, even if it has been used.  Their number one goal is to satisfy the customer and they will work with you until they help you find the right skincare, makeup, or perfume you are looking for.  Each brand has specialists that have an enormous amount of product knowledge about their brands.  They really want you to be happy with your purchase so I always feel like they make me try the samples before I make any “impulse” purchases.  The sales associates are also really friendly and some of them have become some of my best friends.  It is a comfortable place to shop and tell someone your concerns because they make you feel like “they have been their too” and want to help you.   I also like shopping on their website, www.nordstrom.com, here you can find beauty reviews and ratings of top products.  I like to see what other customer think about products before I buy them and sometimes when I just need to replace a product this is a great way to do it.  They also provide a great service called “Buy Online, Pick Up In Store”.  You just purchase your beauty items online and then go into your selected Nordstrom store and pick them up in Customer Service, it is so EASY!  I recommend shopping here for high end brands and for great customer service.



I love Sephora because it is a beauty destination.  It is like you are going on an expolartion of beauty.  The best thing is you get to wander about and look at the products and test them out.  The sales associates are very helpful and most of the time they have vendor representatives in the store to help share knowledge on specific brands.  When I go in their I kind of like to be left alone to just “explore” all the new beauty products.  They also have these little kiosks set up around the store with great little “Beauty Buys” or travel size items.  I like to look at these becasue they make great gifts and they are also good sizes to test out products before you buy the big size.  You can also sign up to become a “Beauty Insider”.  You simply give them your email and with every purchase you get points, once you reach 100 points you can select one of the delux sample gifts or you can save them and you can keep earning and receive a larger sample gift at 500 points.  The samples are really nice and it is totally worth joining the points program if you buy products from Sephora on a frequent basis.  They also have a great website, www.sephora.com.  There are alot of beauty reviews on products,  their are ‘how to’ videos, and their is a ‘Beauty Talk’ area that you can go where other customers go to share their concerns or questions about beauty.  It is a little community of beauty followers!  Sephora is a really fun place to explore and try new things!



This is a like a department store and a drug store rolled into one!  It is kind of like beauty product heaven!  If you love to search and use all different kinds of beauty products from high end to low end then this is the place for you!  I like going here because I can always find something new.  They have everything from press on nails to the latest anti-aging treatment.  It is a one stop shop!  I always find myself going in here for one thing and leaving with ALOT of things.  They also have a great mailer that they send out to let you know about their sales and it always has great coupons with it.  They also have a great rewards program that is free to join.  You earn points for every dollar you spend and then redeem them at any time.  Their website is easy to use and also provides alot of product knowledge and customer reviews.  I recommend coming here if you get your beauty products from multiple stores, this may cut the places you shop down to one!




I am a sucker for my local drugstore beauty aisle.  I love to look at the products in their.  They always have a new brand I haven’t heard of yet and I HAVE to try!  I also like how cheap everything is!  Who doesn’t love a $3 lipstick!?!  Drugstores are a great place for simple products and great deals.  There are a lot of things that I use on a regular basis and firmly believe in and this is where I buy them.  Granted I always add a few “new” things to the cart when I am supposed to be sticking to my shopping list.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good trip to Target, but I love how quiet a drugstore is.  Drugstores are a fun place to shop and also a great place for emergency beauty items such as a spot treatment or deoderant.  I mean really, what would we do without them?

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