Kissable Lips All Year Long!

22 Dec


I have always had dry lips.  I hate using chapstick because I am a lipstick person.  When the weather started to change this Fall and started to get really cold, my lips became so dry and even cracked.  I did some research and read a lot of great reviews about “The Lip Balm” from La Mer.  I knew that their other products were great but I had actually not tried anything from this line before.  I decided to give “The Lip Balm” a try as a solution for my “aching” lips.  I used this product for one night and saw results by the next morning!  When I woke up the cracked areas of my lips had healed and the moisture had been restored.  When you read about this product on their website it says “Applied at night, lips are renewed by morning.”  I was a skeptic I must admit but it worked overnight just as the website said!  this is a pricey product but you get a large amount in the container and you only need a small amount with each application.  I apply this every night as the last step of my beauty routine and in the morning before I apply lipstick.  My lips have been so soft since I started using this it is amazing!  It even has a nice mint flavor and the La Mer Specialist at the Counter told me that it helps to keep your breath fresh!  If you are looking for something to rejuvenate your lips and keep them soft all the time go and get a sample of “The Lip Balm” from La Mer, you won’t be disappointed! ($45

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