The Perfect Curl

21 Dec


I can’t tell you how important it is to add the Shu Uemura Eyelash curler to your beauty tools!  I am sure you have seen it in tons of beauty magazines as the “Top  Rated” eyelash curler but let me tell you…all the hype is true!  This eyelash curler will change your life!  Before I had the Shu Uemura I had a cheap curler from the drugstore that pulled and tugged on my eyelashes and hurt at times.  My sister decided to try the Shu Uemura after we kept seeing  it in every beauty magazine we read and once she did she told me, “You have to buy this immediately!”  I have been using this eyelash curler ever since and that was about 6 years ago!  When you buy the eyelash curler, you must take care of it.  That means you need to wash the curler and the silicone pad.  Once you use the second replacement pad it is time to buy an entire new curler.  I know it seems like a pain but just like everything else eyelash curlers wear out and need to be replaced.  The curler is gentle on your eyelashes, it will not pull them out and it will give you the perfect curl every time!  The curl that you are given helps tremendously when you are applying makeup.  It helps give you a clear defined lash line so applying eyeliner is a ‘piece of cake!’  If you currently look at your eyelash curler as a “torture device”, please switch to the Shu Uemura, it will make your morning beauty routine one step easier, the curl is so perfect you can even skip mascara if you are in a hurry!  Currently the curler is only available online ($19

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