Tone It Up!

26 Dec


I have always been on the fence about toner…I mean really, what is it for anyway?  Recently when I was having some blemishes one of my “Beauty Guru’s” recommended trying a gentle toner.  She said it would “help to cleanse and calm the skin before I put on my moisturizer.”  I was a little skeptical but I decided to give it a try.  The toner she recommended was Clarins Toning Lotion For Normal or Dry Skin ($20-$30  It has chamomile in it which helps to calm the skin but it does not have strong odor or plant smell.  I use it in the morning and it has really refreshes my skin.  It does not make  my skin tight or dry it out like other toners, it is refreshing and feels like you are putting something that is healing on the skin.  If you are not using a toner but need to complete your cleansing program, try this gentle toner from Clarins.   They also have an option for Combination or Oily Skin.  The bottle us HUGE!  You get 70z.-14oz. depending on the size you buy.  I really am enjoying this refreshing toner as part of my morning routine and if you haven’t tried a toner get a sample of this and give it a try!

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