If You Can’t Dye Them…Hide Them!

5 Jan

For anyone with color treated hair, it is always a pain when your roots start to show….My hair color is pretty close to my natural hair color but sometimes in the front I need a little “touch up” on the roots just until the next time I go into the salon.  I have tried hair powder, pens, eyeshadow etc. to try to get the best thing to cover my roots.  One day while searching on the internet, I came across Color Mark Pro ($22 www.colormarkpro.com).  It is an amazing root touch up that is a liquid!  It goes on really smooth with a wand that looks like a lip gloss applicator.  I have found this to be the best because when it dries you don’t have any residue and you can’t tell anything is on your hair.  It simply blends in with your hair and washes out with your next shampoo.  It doesn’t have any harsh chemicals so there will be no damage to your hair.  You can even brush your hair after it dries and it will remain in place.   It dries in about 60 seconds so you don’t have to wait forever before you finish styling your hair.  There are 12 shades that come in a range from black, blonde, red, and brunette.  I have had my bottle for about a year and I still have plenty left!  If you need that quick touch up give this a try, it is a little blessing in disguise!

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