Make Your Eyeshadow Last Forever!

6 Jan



I have tried every eyeshadow base and primer and when I say “every”  I mean literally every top brand that has one, I finally found one that actually works!  Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion ($19 is the only eyeshadow primer that will make your eyeshadow last all day and WILL NOT crease!  It is even guaranteed to last 24+ hours!  Even make-up artists at other ‘top of the line’ cosmetic brands have even mentioned it to me.  It comes in an easy squeeze tube and I just put a small  amount on the back of my hand.  Then I use my ring  finger and apply it to my eye lid and brow area.  You only need a little bit, it takes a couple of times to see how much you like.  Then you let it dry for about 60 seconds and then put your eyeshadow on right over it.  You can apply it with a brush if you prefer.  It will wash off easily with make-up remover, but it comes off just fine with my face wash.  I have not had any creases in my eye shadow since I started using this.  The tube is huge and you only need a little bit so it will last for quite a while.  I have the original formula, but it comes in 3 other shades that have metallic tones and you can even wear those alone as shadows or use them as highlighters.  This has made eyeshadow application so much easier and if you are struggling to keep your shadow in place, you need this potion!!

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