Straighten Yourself Out!

7 Jan

One thing you can not be cheap about is your flat-iron.  I have been flat ironing my hair for 15 years and I used to buy those cheap flat irons and let me tell you, THEY DESTROY YOUR HAIR!  You also have to replace them constantly.  The first time I used a high-end flat-iron, it changed my life!  I couldn’t believe how easy it would glide through my hair and how it cut down the straightening time.  Also, the more expensive irons get really hot which is what you want.  This way you only have to do one or two passes on each section of hair to get it straight.  I had my last expensive iron for 8 years!  When it stopped working I was devastated, but then I bought the GHD Classic Style Flat Iron ($185  It is just as good as my old one if not better!  I also love the fact that my hair salon uses this flat-iron so I feel like when they style my hair it will be easy for me to “re-create” the same style at home.  This flat-iron is great because you can straighten your hair, but the edges of the iron are curved so you can also use it as a curling iron or  create waves in your hair.  It makes my mornings so much easier, especially if I don’t have time to wash my hair.  If you have curly or wavy hair and want to get it straight, try this iron, I think it will do the trick.  Trust me this is an investment you must make!

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