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Get Deep Clean

16 Sep

After using Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleanser ($6 www.neutrogena.com) for a month in Africa and having ZERO breakouts, I now swear by it!  I have used a million and one cleansers and this one does the trick!  I use the cream cleanser when I am not using my Clarisonic and I use the foaming cleanser when I do.  I love to use a cleanser that gives my skin that tingly clean feeling when it is rinsed off and this does just this that!  It doesn’t irritate or dry out my sensitive skin but it does remove all my makeup and oil on my face.  When I was traveling in Africa it is very dusty and this removed all the dirt off my skin and I did not break out at all!  I am excited to try other products in the Deep Clean line and the best part is, you can find them at the drugstore!!

Great Oil-Free Moisturizer

17 Feb

All the experts  say “moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!”, but I hate the feeling of having really wet or sticky skin before I put on my makeup.  For the past month I have been using MD Skincare Trifix Oil Free Hydrating Moisturizer ($35 www.dgskincare.com) and it is the perfect moisturizer if you don’t care  too much for that “moisturizer” feeling.  It  is  fast absorbing and really gets deep into the skin, rather than sits on top of the skin surface.  It is oil free so it won’t clog your pores and it contains willow bark extract which helps fight blackheads and  congested skin.  It is very light weight and non-greasy, a little goes a long  way.  It has aloe, along with vitamin and mineral benefits which help fight inflammation and redness.  This is a really great moisturizer for acne prone skin or combination/oily skin.  It feels really great on your skin and doesn’t feel “heavy”.  If you are looking for a lightweight moisturizer to go under makeup this is a great option.  It provides  great hydrating benefits  as well as clear skin benefits, it is a new favorite of mine!

Kinerase Scar Therapy

18 Jan

If you have scars anywhere on your face and body that you are trying to get rid of, then you need to try Kinerase Scar Healing Therapy ($48 www.kinerase.com).  I have used this on new and old scars and it has made the new ones disappear and the old ones  lighten and become pretty much non-existent.  If you use this religiously for 1-2 months you will see the difference.  I know it is hard because you want instant results, but trust me this will work, just give it time.  I like this product because it is a silicone gel, so it does not dry and flake off like other scar treatment products.  You only need to use a tiny amount to cover the area and if you use it twice a day you will see results.  You can wear it under makeup, I apply it before I put on my moisturizer.  This tube will last you for a long time, I have only bought two tubes and I have been using it regularly for about 2 years.  The website and the counter consultant says you can use this on: every day scars, scars from cosmetic procedures, c-sections, accidents, burns etc…I have only used it on minor cuts and scrapes, so I can’t let you know how it works on large areas.  From the reviews I have read it also works very well on acne scarring.  I have used it on my face in places where I have picked at a blemish and it helped heal it and there was no scar.  I do not have intense ance scarring so I can’t speak to how well it heals that type of scar, but with the results I have had I think it would be perfect.  The overall results you should have is the scar should become smooth, the skin tone and color will even out and eventually new collagen production should be restored.  If you have tried a lot of different things or you haven’t tried anything at all, don’t waste your time and start here, this stuff is amazing!

‘Hope In A Bottle’ Is Back!

15 Jan


One of the best things that ever happened to my skin was Philosophy’s ‘Hope In A Bottle’ ($39 www.philosophy.com).  It is a moisturizer for adult acne prone skin, but mainly focuses on congested skin.  I wear make-up every day and with all the hormones racing through my body sometimes my skin becomes simply congested.  When I was having these issues a couple of years ago and I was talking with my little sister, she recommended trying this.  Let me tell you, this should really be called ‘Miracle In a Bottle’.  This cleared my skin up and also moisturized it at the same time.  I was using it faithfully until last spring when the company decided to discontinue this product!  My sister and I were devastated!  They had another “similar” product but it did not feel the same or give the same results.  After a lot of hoping and praying, Philosophy finally decided to bring it back! The moisturizer is very light and is oil-free.  It goes on smooth and absorbs into your skin which makes it great for using before applying make-up.  It contains Salicylic Acid to combat break-outs and Vitamin E to help with inflammation.  It also has anti-aging properties to fight fine lines and wrinkles!  It has a clean smell, which you don’t really seem to notice at all.  I use it morning and night and it doesn’t dry my skin out all.  You can even put another moisturizer on top.  I really recommend this to anyone that is having trouble with break-outs.  This was my “go-to” product forever and I am so glad it is BACK!

Overnight Clearing Gel

12 Jan

We all know the curse that hormones can have on our skin.  Sometimes I get minor breakouts on my chest and they make me CRAZY!!  But, my sister had me try Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel ($45 www.dermalogica.com) and this gel is a miracle worker.  You apply a thin layer at night to the problem areas and by morning they are less inflamed.  This gel will calm skin down and gets rid of redness in an instant!  I use it on my chest and neck and even on my face from time to time.  It does have Salicylic Acid but it hasn’t caused my skin to dry out or become irritated.  I really like that it has no artificial fragrance or color because my skin is so sensitive and it reacts to anything with a fragrance.  I recommend trying this if you are having any stubborn breakouts on your body.  This will make them calm down and really treat and heal hem fast.  I apply this a couple of times a week since my breakouts are gone, I use it now as a prevention treatment.  This brand has really great products and I like them because they make your skin feel really “clean” after you use them.  The bottle will last you a while and it is totally worth it once you see the results!

Airbrush Concealer

11 Jan

When I get breakouts I will not leave the house until I cover them up.  My sisters can testify that I will sit in front of the mirror and even risk being fired from my job if I do not have every imperfection hidden before I leave the house.  All I can say is blemishes are embarrassing and I don’t want to walk around all day with everyone staring at them.  In any case…I have perfected the art of covering blemishes and covering them fast!  One of my best friends turned me on to Clinique’s Airbrush Concealer ($19 www.clinique.com) last year and I am addicted!  This is like magic in a tube!  If I am wearing a liquid foundation, I apply that first and let it set on my skin for a few minutes.  Then I twist the concealer tube, it is a brush, but I don’t like to apply it directly to my skin, I put the amount I need on the back of my hand for the amount of coverage I think I will need.  Then using my ring finger I apply the concealer to the blemishes.  If you have a really bad blemish, you can build coverage with this and it works perfectly!  Just let the first application sit for about 60 seconds before applying more.  Before you know it all of your imperfections are perfectly hidden!  Then you can gently set with your favorite powder.  If you aren’t using liquid foundation then apply the concealer to the skin as above and then finish with your powder.  This concealer is also great for the under eye area and I put it on my nose to help make it brighten up and smooth out my skin tone in that area.  The texture is smooth and creamy and does not feel heavy on your skin.  I have turned several people onto this in my office and I know you will love it too!!

Natural Daily Scrub

27 Dec


I was really curious about the Neutrogena Naturals line when I started to see the commercials.  As you can tell from reading this blog my curiosity got the best of my and I decided to try the Neutrogena Naturals Pore Purifying Scrub  ($8 www.neutrogena.com).  What makes this a “natural” product?  Well, instead of having chemicals in the scrub to help cleanse the skin, it has natural plant ingredients.  This product contains willow bark, which is great for clearing the skin and fighting blemishes.  The Neutrogena website is a great place to read about their Natural product line, it provides a lot of information which will help you determine whether or not natural products are something you want to try.  I really like this product because it is gentle enough for daily use.  I use a small amount and when you put it on your skin it feels gentle but you feel “clean” and like it has done its job.   When I use a product, especially a scrub, I like my skin to have that “clean” feeling afterwards and that something is “working” while it is on my skin.  Some natural products don’t give me that feeling but when I use this product I get the feeling that it is doing its job!  If you are interested in using natural products I think this is a good line to try.  It is easy to access and very affordable.  Try one of the products first to get a feel for the line, if you enjoy it then invest in the others.  Good luck and cheers to natural beauty!

On The Spot!

15 Dec


I hate when I get blemishes just like everyone else in the world…and it took me forever to  find a product that worked really fast to get rid of these horrible things!  I have tested everything from drugstore products to high-end, high-priced Spot Treatments.  After years of testing I have finally found one that is AMAZING…Kate Somerville Anti Bac Clearing Lotion ($39 www.katesomerville.com).  Anti Bac’s actual directed us is as an “all over” clearing lotion, but it is the perfect spot treatment!  It contains 5% Benzoyl Peroxide which will help clear up the acne and the additional ingredients help prevent water loss and maintain moisture in the skin.  The best part is that it absorbs nicely so you can wear it under makeup and it does not have any odor.  You can also apply it to the chest or back if you are having breakout issues in these areas as well.  Benzoyl Peroxide  can be drying to my skin and cause some redness so I use this product at night with a soothing moisturizer, Creme de La Mer Moisturizing Cream ($135-$250 www.cremedelamer.com).  Do not apply this lotion all over your face unless you truly suffer from Acne.  One blemish here and there is not Acne, that would be classified as a breakout.  If you apply Acne products all over your skin and you truly do not have Acne, you may actually be causing more breakouts because you are drying your skin out which is leading your skin to produce more oil.  I know, this can all get confusing, but just treat the spots and nothing else unless you truly have Acne, trust me I am guilty of over-treating, it is hard not to do.  The other great thing is that this product will last you a very LONG time.  You will use just a small amount on each spot and the bottle is a very nice size so you won’t be constantly replacing this product.  Please give this a try, I know you will be amazed at how fast your blemishes begin to disappear!!

The Magic Wand…Every Girl Should Have One!

11 Dec


First things first we must start with the basics…that means getting the surface clean!  I have been using the Clarisonic Skin Care Face & Body System (Clarisonic.com) for about a year now.  Let me tell you, this brush is AMAZING!!  I was skeptical at first that this was one of those products that was over priced and really wouldn’t do anything for me…I was wrong!  It is so easy to use…first you apply a small amount of your favorite cleanser to the brush, then you pick your favority speed setting and press start.  The brush will work for 20 seconds on your forehead, beep, then you move to your nose and chin for 20 seconds, beep, then move to the right cheek for 10 seconds, beep, then to the left cheek 10 seconds, and then it shuts off.  It is so simple and it only takes 60 seconds.  Everyone has the time to do it!  After using you will notice that the texture of your skin has improved, it helps clear blemished skin, helps improve the results of your other skin care products by 61% and it is also said to help with fine lines and wrinkles which is a war we are all fighting!  After using you will feel that your skin feels “cleaner” and that your products are penetrating the skin better.  There are three options you can choose from, the Clarisonic Mia ($119 Nordstrom.com) which is for the face only and comes with one speed and is a great travel companion! The Classic Clarisonic Skin Care System ($195 Nordstrom.com)  is for the face only but has 2 speeds.   I recommend getting the Clarisonic Face & Body System ($225 Nordstrom.com).  The body brush is wonderful!  You can put your favorite exfoliating scrub (Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Body $65 katesomerville.com) on it and it will make your legs and arms sooo smooth! The body brush apparently helps fight cellulite…that is what sold me!!  I use both the face and body brush in the shower since the Clarisonic is waterproof.  I do not use the body brush on my chest or decolletage (breast area), the skin there is very fine so I use the face brush on those areas which is what the handbook recommends.  It has an easy rechargeable dock that also acts as perfect storage.  You don’t have to use the Clarisonic face wash and body wash with the brush, you can use your favorite products.  The best part is that it comes in a wonderful assortment of colors!!  So, if you still need to send Santa your Christmas list…put the Clarisonic on it!