The Magic Wand…Every Girl Should Have One!

11 Dec


First things first we must start with the basics…that means getting the surface clean!  I have been using the Clarisonic Skin Care Face & Body System ( for about a year now.  Let me tell you, this brush is AMAZING!!  I was skeptical at first that this was one of those products that was over priced and really wouldn’t do anything for me…I was wrong!  It is so easy to use…first you apply a small amount of your favorite cleanser to the brush, then you pick your favority speed setting and press start.  The brush will work for 20 seconds on your forehead, beep, then you move to your nose and chin for 20 seconds, beep, then move to the right cheek for 10 seconds, beep, then to the left cheek 10 seconds, and then it shuts off.  It is so simple and it only takes 60 seconds.  Everyone has the time to do it!  After using you will notice that the texture of your skin has improved, it helps clear blemished skin, helps improve the results of your other skin care products by 61% and it is also said to help with fine lines and wrinkles which is a war we are all fighting!  After using you will feel that your skin feels “cleaner” and that your products are penetrating the skin better.  There are three options you can choose from, the Clarisonic Mia ($119 which is for the face only and comes with one speed and is a great travel companion! The Classic Clarisonic Skin Care System ($195  is for the face only but has 2 speeds.   I recommend getting the Clarisonic Face & Body System ($225  The body brush is wonderful!  You can put your favorite exfoliating scrub (Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Body $65 on it and it will make your legs and arms sooo smooth! The body brush apparently helps fight cellulite…that is what sold me!!  I use both the face and body brush in the shower since the Clarisonic is waterproof.  I do not use the body brush on my chest or decolletage (breast area), the skin there is very fine so I use the face brush on those areas which is what the handbook recommends.  It has an easy rechargeable dock that also acts as perfect storage.  You don’t have to use the Clarisonic face wash and body wash with the brush, you can use your favorite products.  The best part is that it comes in a wonderful assortment of colors!!  So, if you still need to send Santa your Christmas list…put the Clarisonic on it!

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