Peel It Off!

11 Dec

I have been using this product for five years and I can’t say enough great things about it!  I have turned  more people on to this product than I can count!  The MD Skincare Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel is  a two-step face peel  that you can do every day and you will receive fantastic results.  I  recommend using the peel at night after you have cleansed your face with the Clarisonic, because then you can really feel the  peel sink into the skin.  Also, you don’t want to pile on makeup after doing something like this in my opinion…but do what works for you.  You take  one peel pad from the step one jar and gently seep it across the face.  I can’t emphasize gently enough!! You do not want to scrub or use excessive  pressure while using the peel pads!  You leave step one on for about two minutes and then follow with a peel pad from step two.  You do not cleanse the face  after step two!  Once step two has set on the face, you follow with your favorite serum and moisturizer.  It is very simple and easy to use!  The results you will receive from the face peel are that they will provide a smoother, brighter, clearer complexion and the long-lasting benefits are that they have anti-aging  benefits.    The product has Alpha Beta and  Hydroxy Acids as well as Retinol.  The pores on my skin reduced  in size and I don’t have enough fine  lines to honestly say they have improved, but it is all about PREVENTION!  I have a good  friend that went to work for this company directly and she is the number one advocate for these peels!  Her skin is amazing and  she has been using them for I believe almost 10 years!  The peels are gentle enough for everyday use and come in a variety of sizes to work with your budget.  They have the peels set up in the jars  from 10-60 Day Applications from $28-$128, there is the travel option where the peels are individually wrapped and the new option is the Extra Strength Daily Face Peel from 10-60 Day Applications for$35-$145.  If this is your first time using the peels I would not start with the Extra Strength right away, use the original  formula first and  work your way up, you don’t want to do too much too soon!  Please visit the Dr. Dennis Gross website  to view all the options on how to “Customize Your Peel” and take advantage of becoming a ‘Beauty VIP Member’ on his website  I hope you all start using and enjoying the peel as much as I do!

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