Try It Before You Buy It

13 Dec

Before you make an investment on any department store beauty products, make sure you get a sample first!  All department stores will hand out samples from the brands they carry or make you a custom sample in a jar that looks like the image provided above.  Obviously they aren’t able to provide you samples of makeup such as lipgloss, lipstick, eye shadows, or powders, but if you are unhappy with a product…return it!  Once you receive the samples try them out for 3-5 days.  This will let your skin decide if the product works well with your skin type and it will also let you decide if you like the smell, color, texture and feel of the product on your skin.  I think the best thing to get samples of is liquid foundations!  Department stores do not have the best lighting so I like to get a couple of shades and try them on at home and look in natural light, then I  know if I have that “orange glow” or not.  If you get a department store or beauty counter that does not provide free samples, then do not shop with them.  Samples allow the customer to feel comfortable with the product and feel confident with a purchase.  Also, make sure the return policy on beauty products is respectable.  Beauty products should never be “final sale” items and you should  always have the option to bring it back and find a product that works for you!  Happy Shopping!

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