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Drink Your H20!

4 Jan

I absolutely hate water.  I don’t know why but I have hated drinking water my whole life.  I am trying to get better about it and I must say it has become easier as I am getting older.  I am always reading how one of the best ways to great skin and great health is drinking enough water everyday.  I don’t think it really matters if you drink it out of a fancy water bottle or straight from the kitchen sink, really it just matters if you drink it!  I try to drink at least 48-64oz. It is hard and some days are better than others.  To make it easier on myself I have a water bottle that is 33oz so I know that once I drink two, I have reached my goal.  Drinking only two bottles seems like a lot less than drinking a bunch of smaller glasses…it is all psychological.  Anyways, no matter how your drink it, make sure you stay hydrated so that your skin and health are at their best!  CHEERS!

Smooth Skin In an Instant

30 Dec

The best way to get smooth skin is by exfoliating and getting rid of dead skin cells.  However, that usually means using some sort of scrub, which I don’t particularly care for.  They usually just make my skin feel sticky and I don’t really feel like they do all that much.  Last Fall I started using Kate Somerville’s ExfoliKate Body ‘Intensive Exfoliating Treatment ($65 and it is the BEST way to get smooth skin.  You can simply rub it on your body in circular motions with your hands, sponge, mitt or use your Clarisonic Body Brush.  Once it is on you can leave it on your skin for up to two minutes.  You WILL feel a slight tingle which is the fruit enzymes smoothing the skin, it doesn’t hurt at all, it feels like a spa treatment.  Then you simply rinse it off and you will notice you already have smoother skin!  I love this product because it doesn’t only help with getting smooth skin but it helps prep your legs for shaving and prevents ingrown hairs.  This is good to use before you apply any “fake” tanning products to the skin, it will make your tan last longer and it will also remove any tanning products you have applied to your skin.  The ingredients include: caffeine which stimulates and oxygenates the skin, gentle acids polish the skin and refine the texture, fruit enzymes smooth the skin, and essential oils soothe the skin.   It may seem pricey but the tube is 5oz. and you only use it once or twice a week.  I hope you try it, I know you will love it as much as I do!