Don’t Wash Out Your Hair Color!

14 Feb

There are a million shampoo and conditioner lines out there that help maintain hair  color.  I have tried a lot  of different ones and have loved them or hated them for different reasons.  The one that I am really liking right now is Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner ($30  When you use these products on while you are washing your hair, you don’t see color running out down the drain.  It also makes your hair very soft and shiny.  It does have a botanical smell but it does not linger on your hair.  I really like that is has peppermint in it, it leaves your scalp feeling refreshed.  The product has zero sulfates which can strip hair color and it also has a special Anti-Fade Complex which helps maintain hair color longer.  If you have tried a lot of different “Color Saving” shampoos and conditioners, this is one you should try.  It will leave your hair shiny and your color will remain in tact!

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