Love Coco Perfume

7 Apr

I recently bought this perfume at Anthropologie and it smells sooo good but it also comes in the cutest packaging I have ever seen!  It is from The New York Collection Eau De Parfum and it is called Love Coco ($98  It smells like coconut which is one of my favorite smells because it reminds me of summer!  It comes in a coffee to-go cup because it is supposed to resemble the “On-the-Go New Yorker”.  I think the packaging was really what sold me!  It is so adorable and it would make a great gift.  There are other scents available as well.  There is one called Love Carrots, it really smells like carrots but in a strange way it smells really good…hard to explain…you really have to smell it for yourself.  There is another called Love Vamp that is a floral scent.  There is really something for everyone.  If you need a gift for someone special or just a little treat for yourself, check these scents out!

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