Polish Your Skin With Diamonds!

29 Jan

OK, so who would have thought that you could polish your skin with diamonds?  Well, diamond powder to be exact…The La Mer Refining Facial ($75 www.cremedelamer.com) is an at home facial that you do once a week that will exfoliate your skin but also increases your skins radiance.  It is one of the easiest facials to use, you simply amply it to a damp face and apply to the face and neck in circular motions and then simply rinse.  You don’t have to leave it on for any length of time and once you are done your face is sooo smooth!  What I like about this  face polish is that the exfoliation “beads’ are very tiny so it doesn’t feel like you are scrubbing your face.  It is very gently and you will see results instantly.  There is two carats of diamond dust in one bottle that works together with sea quartz and other minerals to help polish and exfoliate the skin.  I recommend this for anyone with sensitive skin because it is so gentle and you only have to use it once a week.  I think it is the perfect “at home’ facial that actually produces results.  Plus, who doesn’t want to wash their face with diamonds?

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