Dry Clean Only

18 Dec


I currently own six different types of  “dry” shampoo and I still think the best option is Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder with cornstarch ($4-$7 www.drugstore.com).  A lot of people disagree because they think that if you are a redhead or brunette, the white powder will leave a “grey haze” on your  hair…well, that is because they are applying it directly to the top of their hair.  I put a small amount in my palms and rub them together,  then tip my head upside down and begin to massage the powder in at the roots.  You do not need to cover the ends of  your hair, just focus on the roots and the areas of your hair that seem to be the most greasy. I apply the powder after I flat-iron my hair and then once the powder is in I brush and finish styling it.   I wash my hair every other day and usually don’t need any form of “dry” shampoo at all, but when I do this is the best option.   My hair smells clean and fresh all day.  The powder absorbs any oil that may occur during the day and this definitely holds you over until your next shampoo.  I also love the fact that you can buy baby powder at any drugstore or supermarket and it is not expensive at all.  I buy the large bottle so that I have it for a long  time and I don’t have to worry about running out.  If you have searching for a Dry Shampoo, give this a try, it may be the solution you were looking for.

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